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About Dr. Shib Shankar Paul

Dr. Shib Shankar Paul is a renowned and experienced ENT & Head Neck Surgical Oncologist. After doing his MBBS from one of the reputed colleges in the country M.G.M Medical College & L.S.K Hospital, Kishanganj, Bihar. Dr Paul made his stint for further pursuing MS in Otorhinolaryngology and Head Neck Surgery, from the same college he had his graduation.

For the benefit of patient care in the field of ENT and Head Neck Cancer surgery and to sharpen his expertise, Dr Shib Shankar Paul joined as Senior Residential Surgeon at Saroj Gupta Cancer Centre & Research Institute, Thakurpukur where he also pursued 2years dedicated course of Fellowship in Head & Neck Surgical Oncology& Reconstructive Techniques.

Dr Paul also did his Observership at TATA Medical Centre, Kolkata, in Head & Neck Surgical Oncology & Reconstructive techniques.

Dr Shib Shankar Paul is also attached as Director and Consultant, Head Neck Surgical Oncology with Eves Clinic & Nursing Home Dumdum. At present Dr Paul is attached as Consultant, Head Neck Surgical Oncology, with Saroj Gupta Cancer Centre & Research Institute (Thakurpukur) & Binayak Hospital.

Dr Paul has many national and international publications under his repute and is actively involved in spreading cancer awareness in the community by way of organizing camps, delivering talks in various places of eastern India.

Dr. Shib Shankar Paul

ENT & Head Neck Cancer Surgeon

Clinical Skills

Dr Shib Shankar Paul has performed a wide variety of Otolaryngological & Head Neck Surgeries near to a decade. His experience and expertise are in the field of

Head & Neck

Superficial parotidectomy, Submandibular gland excision, Thyroid surgeries, Lateral Rhinotomy, Mid facial degloving surgery, Total maxillectomy, Resection of various oral cavity / head & neck cancers with reconstructive techniques with neck dissections, Partial / Total Laryngectomy with post op voice rehabilitation, Local & regional flap techniques

Basic Otorhinolaryngological Surgeries

Myringoplasty , Myringotomy, Tympanomastoidectomy, Stapedectomy, Septoplasty, Septorhinoplasty, Endoscopic Sinus Surgery, Tonsillectomy, Advoidetomy, Tracheostomy, M.L.S (Microlaryngeal Surgery) , Maxillo facial Fracture repair, voice surgery & other relevant ENT Surgeries.


Dr Shib Shankar Paul have various publications in national and international indexed journals and have presented many papers in national conferences. Amongst published research papers one was in top indexed journal where a very rare case was reported, and it was only the 19th case available in theworld literature till date.

  • Teaching Undergraduate students for 3 years.
  • With active participation, attended various National and Regional Conferences, Live Surgical
  • Workshops and CMEs. Also presented scientific Papers.


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